Modern Packaging Design with Fresnel Lens Cold Foil

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Modern packaging design requires a focused approach to the security, functionality, and brand message of your packaging. As brands compete for market share in this competitive consumer market, it’s important to create a modern packaging design that WOWs your customers. Cold foil is a sure way to do just that!

There is so much you can do using cold foil substrates in your packaging. From custom holograms to over printing, you can manipulate cold foil to achieve the jaw-dropping, show-stopping package you’ve always dreamed of. With K Laser’s new Fresnel Lens circular cold foil patterns, you can elevate your packaging design to be modern, sleek, and stylish using circle patterns, never before seen in the market.

Why use circular cold foil?

Since the dawn of time, circles have surrounded us throughout the universe. Circles represent unity, completeness, and movement. The moon, the sun, the earth, flowers, fruit, our eyes are all circular in nature – circles represent life. As designers, using a circle can represent all these things and more to your customers.

Circles can be used as a background, to highlight, and emphasize an important element, to call out multiple features, to frame elements, and more.  Using the Fresnel Lens circular cold foil patterns in your modern packaging design can attract the eye naturally and help your packaging stand out among the others.

Fresnel Lens Cold Foil Inspiration

There are multiple different types of Fresnel Lens cold foil patterns. Most are circular and others are circles within a hexagon or abstract shape; all can be used in a variety of designs and styles. Here is some inspiration for your next modern packaging design project:

For industrial or male-dominated industries, try the Fresnel Lens F021 bubble circular pattern or the F017 diamond circular pattern for bold modern packaging design. The bold patterns with a dark overlay are perfect for male consumer products. The cold foil is overprintable so you can add colors over the foil to further increase the impact of your design. We believe this cold foil works best on packaging for:

  • Tools, parts, and accessories
  • Gaming and sports
  • Grooming tools and accessories
  • Energy and protein supplements
  • Watches, sunglasses, and other male accessories

For a light, clean look, the Fresnel Lens F009 pattern offers a light circular pattern, within small diamond shapes creating an optical illusion that draws attention to your modern packaging design. The F015 Fresnel pattern offers smaller, more feminine circular elements that are lighter in color and overprintable. For a more whimsical effect, try the F025 Cracked Ice Fresnel Lens cold foil to add an abstract layer to your bath and beauty products. These unique feminine patterns offer a sophisticated appearance for tech packaging, beauty packaging, and consumer products packaging targeting a female market. We recommend using these Fresnel Lens cold foil patterns for:

  • Consumer tech products
  • Appliance packaging
  • Bath and beauty products
  • Healthy beverages, foods, and supplements
  • Fashion jewelry and clothing tags
  • Cleaning products

Designing for Cold Foil Print Mock Ups

It’s important to work with your printer or cold foil provider to create a mock-up of your modern packaging design with Fresnel Lens cold foil. Though beautiful in your design file, sometimes cold foil designs do not look the way we expected when printed – this is why mock ups are necessary. K Laser Technology provides free print mock-ups and we will work with you to modify your artwork as it evolves into the modern packaging design you envisioned.

To prepare your artwork for a K Laser Technology’s FREE print mock up service, create an Illustrator file with TWO LAYERS: 1) COLOR GRAPHICS 2) FOIL, specify the color areas where you want foil by using BLACK. Be sure to convert fonts to outlines and embed any images.

At K Laser Technology, we have the LARGEST selection of cold foil colors and holographic patterns in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your next label or packaging design. Our team will partner with you to achieve the modern packaging design of your dreams.