Elevate your CBD Packaging with Cold Foil Embellishments

Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the commercial cultivation of Hemp, the CBD market has grown like a weed (pun intended). It is predicted that the CBD market will be worth 22 billion dollars by 2022, and with a market that size, many companies are diving in for the opportunity of a lifetime. As you or your print customers step into this new product space, mastering the perfect CBD packaging will be your brand’s biggest challenge. With extreme competition at dispensaries, confusion in the market from the media and potentially fatal counterfeits, your CBD packaging not only needs to stand out from the competitor products surrounding yours, but also express the purpose and premium quality of your cannabidiol. Cold foil substrates have been used for years by top brands in the tobacco, wine and spirits markets to help grow their brand presence. Considering the CBD market has a very similar audience, cold foil embellishments could be the final piece that perfects your packaging.

Here are a few ways cold foil substrates can elevate your CBD packaging:

POP off the shelf with cold foil embellishments.

Dispensaries around the US have different, but similar environments in their stores. Usually, they are dimly lit with products displayed on wall shelves and in glass cases, the walls are a dark color and there’s usually a black light somewhere in the room. New, trendier stores look like CBD boutiques with brighter lights and mixtures of greenery, wood, metal giving a hipster, boho vibe. Are we on the right track? These are all things you need to consider when designing your CBD packaging and cold foil is perfect for attracting the eye in different retail environments. As large grocery and beauty retailers, like CVS, GNC, Ulta beauty and others, begin to open their shelves to CBD products, the need for differentiated packaging is only going to grow.

Also, millennials make up most of this new market, and this demographic is known for their tendency to impulse buy. Couple that with the newness of the market, your audience is more than willing to try new brands and test different CBD products until they find the one they love. To win that impulse buy from millennials around the country, your product needs to look cooler, different, and better, in various settings, for the customer to pick it out from the crowd. There is no better time than now to add cold foil to your CBD packaging! Whether on the product packaging itself or on the point-of-purchase display, adding accents of cold foil reflects the trendy lighting in store and makes your product pop while on display next to competitors. Cold foils holograms or abstract effects, like the KOLDfoil ONE HX Rainbow line or the exclusive CBD hologram from K Laser, are perfect for drawing the attention of young consumers. In this growing market of trendy stores and millennial impulses, using cold foil in your packaging will help increase the odds that it’s your product they walk out the store with.

Quality matters – show it with cold foil!

In the CBD market, one of the biggest concerns for customers is the quality of the cannabidiol used in your product. Investigations have found thousands of CBD products claiming incorrect potencies, mixing other oils or chemicals, using a completely different type of oil entirely and it just gets worse! Considering many CBD products are consumed by mouth or through the skin, for health, relaxation and beauty purposes, ingesting a fake or low-quality CBD oil could be fatal. In 2018, 52 people were poisoned and hospitalized in Utah when they vaped a synthetic CBD oil mixed with toxic oils (CDC, 2018). Incidents like that is why it’s extremely important that store owners and customers trust the quality of CBD products they are selling to their customers or putting into their body.

How does one convey quality? Cold foil of course! You can scream high quality from the rooftops, but if your packaging is basic then your customers won’t be able to tell the difference between your premium CBD products and the low-quality scams. Just like in the wine and spirits market, using cold foil embellishments on your labels and packaging elevate your product to a premium status. Customers and retail store owners assess by the look, the feel and the thoughtful design of the package if a brand is of a higher caliber. Superior brands use superior packaging and cheap CBD products use cheap packaging – plain and simple. Using a sophisticated holographic cold foil pattern, the K Laser exclusive CBD hologram, or even designing your own custom branded hologram will visually tell the market that your brand invests in high quality cannabidiol products that can be trusted.

Security from counterfeits with cold foil

Maybe you have finally formulated the perfect CBD beauty oil for your aging audience. Or maybe it’s a unique CBD oil blend targeting joint health in our furry friends. There is incredible opportunity in this market to be “The First” in a new product category. However, in the wise words of Coco Chanel, “if you want to be original, be ready to be copied.” You put your blood, sweat, and tears into building your unique brand, but if you don’t invest in quality packaging, it leaves opportunity for a believable knock-off to cause confusion in the marketplace.

To stop counterfeiters in their tracks, elevate your CBD packaging with cold foil to make your packaging difficult to duplicate. Counterfeiters won’t be able to achieve a high level of packaging. Using anti-counterfeiting details on your labels and boxes, like cold foil patterns or a security cold foil hologram, helps retail store owners spot low-quality knock-off products before putting them on the shelves. Custom holograms containing your company logo, brand colors combined with cold foil substrates take product security to the next level and is a great investment to secure your brand’s future. Educating your customers on your brand packaging will also help your buyers spot a knock off and protect them from consuming a potentially fatal CBD counterfeit. The ability to distinguish between your original, premium CBD product and a fake knock-off starts with the design of your product packaging – use cold foil and your counterfeiters will struggle to take your market share.

Cold Foil is key for CBD

Cold foil substrates have been used for years by top brands in the tobacco, wine, and spirits markets to successfully grow their brand. The same is forecasted for the CBD industry – cold foil is the key for achieving eye-catching, quality-screaming CBD packaging. Whether you use a little cold foil accent or a whole cold foil background on your CBD labels and packaging, adding cold foil print embellishments can help CBD brands stand out from the competition, convey the premium quality of their products and secure their brand from counterfeits.

The K Laser Cold Foil Business Unit would be happy to provide a label or packaging mock up to help you visualize your CBD packaging with cold foil. With the largest selection of cold foil colors and holographic patterns in the industry, we are confident we have the right cold foil to elevate your CBD packaging like no other. Contact our team today to start a print mockup, schedule a live digital cold foil demo, request a complimentary cold foil guide or trial a free sample roll on press. CLICK HERE to get started!