Product Mock Up Services

Designers and printers often simulate foil as a dull gray halftone or a false color during the label design process with laser or inkjet printers or proofers.The KOLDfoil Mock-Up Service offers designers, label sales and customer service people a chance to see their label designs with actual foil colors or holographic patterns applied. Designers make better looking labels, and salespeople get customer orders quicker using the K Laser KOLDfoil mockup service.

How To Prepare Your Artwork

K Laser provides foil mock-ups on standard 8.5” X 11” white laser sheets using laser print technology. To prepare artwork for a K Laser KOLDfoil mockup, make an Illustrator file with TWO LAYERS: 1) COLOR GRAPHICS 2) FOIL, specify the color areas where you want foil to BLACK. Be sure to convert fonts to outlines and imbed and include any jpg or tiff images.

View Foil During the Design & Sales Process

See actual foil on label mockups for the first time. View foil during the design and sales process in order to gauge the visual effects of shiny, silver metal effects or variouse holographic pattern foils. Common comparisons are viewing a label with and without foil, showing 2 or 3 label design side- by-side using foils, or comparing foil colors & holographic patterns with one label design

Sample without KOLDfoil

Sample with KOLDfoil

Actual printed label sample



The KOLDfoil Mock-Up Service does not represent the cold foil printing capability nor should it be used as a press proof for actual color. To request a mock-up of your label, contact your local K Laser sales representative or send your request to: