KOLDfoil CX Custom Holograms

K Laser Technology is a member of the IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturer Association). The IHMA is made up of more than 60 of the world's leading hologram manufacturers. This association is dedicated to promoting the interests of those quality hologram manufacturers worldwide and to helping their members achieve their security, packaging, graphic and other objectives through the effective use of holography.


• Special formulation for the cold foil printing process
• Good for fine definition and large area coverage
• High gloss
• Good over-printability properties
• Works well with film and non-absorbent papers
• Available in silver or transparent holograms

Optional Security Features:

• HRIC (high refractive index coating)
• Multi-channel effects
• Microtext and Nanotext
• True color
• Hidden Images
• High Resolution Digital Background 

Ordering Information:

• One time custom design hologram origination charge
• All cold foils and custom design hologram is the property of the end-user
• Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the cold foil is 4 rolls 24” X 5,000’
• Customer is not required to accept the MOQ in one shipment, scheduled shipment for lower quantities can be arrange but the entire MOQ must be consumed within 1 year
• Blanket order is required to maintain stock of custom design holograms
• Click here to download our Origination Procedure