Three Ways KOLDfoil ONE helps Printers Save Money

As the print market becomes more competitive, Printers are seeking innovative ways to diversify their portfolio, while simultaneously cutting costs and saving money. Offset and Flexo Printers are increasingly investing in Digital technology to take advantage of the opportunities in variable print, short-runs and more. However, as these Converters move into new press technologies, they often acquire the burden of a second or third set of consumables inventory.

As the industry knows, consumables can occupy a large part of your facility. Space is valuable and Printers working with multiple print technologies have to double their inventory for consumables that fit only one type of print process, such as substrates, ink, cold foil, adhesives and more. In the past, cold foil has been no exception. If a client wanted unique holographic accents printed digitally, a Printer would need to purchase a roll of digital-compatible cold foil for the job. Unless another customer came along that requested the same cold foil roll AND printed digitally, that beautiful roll may end up collecting dust or be thrown away to create space for more common cold foil rolls. Although with some consumables this is inevitable, there is now a cold foil formulation in the market invented to maximize your inventory and save you money – KOLDfoil ONE.

What is KOLDfoil ONE?

KOLDfoil ONE is a specially formulated cold foil solution designed with efficient diversification in mind. KOLDfoil ONE is the only cold foil solution in the market with the ability to perform with three different printing applications: Flexo, Digital and Offset. Yes, you read that right – ONE roll of cold foil for THREE printing applications. In addition to its versatility, KOLDfoil ONE boasts the largest inventory of cold foil colors and holographic patterns in the industry. Therefore, Converters utilizing KOLDfoil ONE have access to a wide variety of quality options for their customer’s packaging, regardless of the technology they choose for print.

How KOLDfoil ONE Saves You Money

Inventory Management

Converters who have invested in multiple types of printing technologies, Flexo, Offset or Digital, can save money in inventory space and costs with KOLDfoil ONE. Rather than storing two or three cold foil rolls to use on their compatible technologies, Printers using KOLDfoil ONE only need to store ONE roll of cold foil. When they look at their cold foil inventory, they are confident in offering every color or pattern in stock to their customers on any of their cold foil-equipped technologies. No more roll investments sitting on the shelves waiting for a digital, flexo or offset job to come their way. KOLDfoil ONE rolls can be interchanged among machines in no time. A roll wasted is a roll of money wasted too. Thanks to this thoughtful innovation, Printers save money in inventory management, while simultaneously maximizing their roll usability. ONE roll. ONE space. MULTIPLE uses.


Does your Flexo cold foil supplier offer digital foils too? How about offset foils? How much time have you spent researching and contacting different cold foil suppliers for your multiple print applications? Have you struggled with quality inconsistencies between different suppliers? Considering you only need ONE roll of KOLDfoil ONE, you can save your purchasing department the headache of managing multiple suppliers and roll qualities. Additionally, with the largest selection of cold foil colors and holographic patterns in the industry, you will never lose out on quality or variety when choosing KOLDfoil ONE. The K Laser Cold Foil Business Unit (CFBU) is the only supplier of KOLDfoil ONE. With two locations on each American cost, K Laser CFBU is your one-stop-shop for all your flexo, digital and offset cold foil needs. ONE roll. ONE company. ONE invoice. ONE quality standard. MUCHO savings!


If you currently source your different cold foils from multiple suppliers, you may find that you your offset cold foil is priced higher than the same color foil for Flexo. Why is that? We couldn’t tell you – but what we can say is you don’t have to worry about that with KOLDfoil ONE. Not only do you pay the same price for your cold foil roll, but you aren’t restricted to what technologies it can be used in. ONE roll. ONE price. MULTIPLE applications.

Triple the Advantage of your Cold Foil Capabilities

If you utilize cold foil in your print applications, and currently have or are looking to invest in other print technologies, KOLDfoil ONE is the best choice. KOLDfoil ONE will save you the inventory costs of storing multiple same-color cold foil rolls and save you the hassle of sourcing different suppliers with differing roll prices. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Are you ready to triple the advantage of your cold foil capabilities? Contact the K Laser CFBU to learn how KOLDFoil ONE can bring cost-savings and efficiency to your print applications.