Cold Foil Printing is an in line process that works on rotary letterpress, web offset and rotary flexographic presses closely duplicating hot foil stamping … but cold foil printing is faster, more efficient, and does not require the costly dies associated with hot foil stamping.

In commercial use for many years by a select few, the latest refinements in cold foil technology are now available to all label printers. Regular anilox rolls and photopolymer plates transfer UV curable cold foil adhesive onto a wide variety of stocks. It can be applied in spot or solid print matching most artwork or design imaginable.


The specially formulated UV-curable foilKURE cold foil adhesive is first printed with a standard photopolymer plate onto the web substrate. The specially formulated KOLDfoil is then laminated onto the wet printed foilKURE cold foil adhesive. This laminated construction is passed through the UV dryer. The UV dryer cures the foilKURE cold foil adhesive through the KOLDfoil and a foiled image is created. The remaining foil is then removed and wounded onto a waste wind up. For more detailed information on the cold foil printing process, please refer to THE COLD FOIL FOR DUMMIES.


Throughout history, foil has been used to honor and adorn people, places and events. Pure gold was the primary source of foil. After the painstaking task of pounding gold into thin layers, the foil was then formed into armors, caskets, statues and shields. It was also used on important documents as a seal or certification of authenticity. Today, foil is being used more than ever. It is a valuable tool used to enhance illustrations, packaging, and labels. Cruise the shopping aisles, and you will realize the most noticeable products are imprinted with foil.

Advantages of cold foil printing:
• Fast set up
• No up-front tooling or dies
• Faster running speeds
• Works on a wide variety of substrates such as films and non-absorbent papers
• Quick turnaround
• Efficient in both short or long print runs
• Much better registration than hot stamping
• In-line and in-house