foilKNIP – cold foil nip system

Our foilKNIP Cold Foil Nip System is an economical way to get introduced to the Cold Foil Printing process. It has been specifically designed for installation on the last print station of a Mark Andy 2200 flexographic press for use with the Cold Foil Wet Lamination (Though- Cure) process. By utilizing existing holes, installation is a snap and only requires drilling of one hole. Unlike competitive system that requires the press operator to reach inside the press, the foilKNIP has an external arm which activates the nip system. To ensure success, the foilKNIP must be used in conjunction with our KOLDfoil cold foils and foilKURE cold foil adhesives.


• Easy Installation
• Utilizes existing press holes
• Economical systems
• Proven unit
• Easy removal from the press
• Available in 7”, 10” or 13” wide

  • Foil 01

    Remove Existing Idler

  • Foil 02

    Drill 7/8” Hole

  • Foil 03

    Install Nip Assembly