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Today, K Laser is already a leader of the holographic product industry. Certainly we do not win by the sheer company size, but our capability to provide the right solution to different customers around the world.
The continuous R & D investment is essential for K Laser to stay ahead. With the main R & D division in Taiwan, where the hi-tech industry booms and home to many OEM and ODM plants, K Laser is able to enjoy and employ the latest technical development available in Taiwan, and win out the competitions and counterfeiters. The technical advantage enables us to develop more intricate and sophisticated products such as multi-dimensional, high resolution, true color images with hidden security features; these original solutions are the most beautiful barriers for counterfeiters.
The beauty of our holograms does not only stay on the surface; with our team’s creative application, the holographic product can also be found in the cosmetics or as part of textile. With aid of K Laser’s creativity and R & D efforts, we not only safeguard the brand and products, we also work with you to find ways to enhance the products and make them unique.

K Laser Technology - Thailand

K Laser Technology

Bangkok, Thailand
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