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Dancing with Light of K LASER Technology Group, founded in Taiwan,1988. To unravel the mysteries of "light", with the continued research and innovation, in addition to 100% of key technologies to master, but also operation and management pains. Headed by Chairman Dr. Guo Weiwu, K LASER group became a highly educated, experienced management team. With their wisdom leadership, the optical group has always maintained a concept of "sustainable development", the pursuit of "The Sound of Music" quality policy, thus creating a unique enterprise culture of "honest and effective; people-oriented; team spirit," K LASER of Implementation of "sustainable", is actively towards "vertical integration" of the direction. Center of gravity for the global operations in Taiwan, co-ordinate the production and marketing base for business strategy, financial system, financial management, research and development design, production technology, marketing, human resources, logistical support and operating systems, integration of resources and expertise to establish the best mechanism for the division of labor, to get the maximum benefit of different stages of development; China as the production center of the supply of global production, becoming China's production base of the domestic market; At the same time, establishing its worldwide sales network and mastering international marketing channels. Today, the light group in the world (including Taiwan, mainland China, the United States, Thailand, Japan, India and other places) has nine production facilities, 14 sales offices, more than 1,200 employees.

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K Laser Technology

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