KOLDfoil MU– cold foil mock-up service

The KOLDfoil mock-up service is a service exclusively provided by K Laser Technology, (USA). Since foils are impossible to simulate during normal design process, this service provides the designers and printers the opportunity to see their designs with various foil colors and holographic patterns. Typical mock-up results are provided on a standard 8.5” X 11” white laser sheets.

In order to create a mock-up, we will require artworks submitted in the following PC formats:
• jpeg
• tiff
• eps
• pdf

Two artworks must be submitted, the first one is an artwork showing where the foils should be applied. The second artwork contains all the printed colors. We are able to apply foils on any whit color area. We can also apply print on top of the foils.

Special Note: Results from the KOLDfoil mock-up service is not representative of the cold foil printing capability not should it be used as a press proof.

  • Foil 01

    Sample without foil

  • Foil 02

    Sample with foil