KOLDfoil CX - custom holographic cold foils


• Special formulation for the cold foil printing process
• Good for fine definition and large area coverage
• High gloss
• Good over-printability properties
• Works well with film and non-absorbent papers
• Available in silver or transparent holograms


• HRIC (high refractive index coating)
• Multi-channel effects
• Microtext and Nanotext
• True color
• Hidden Images
• High Resolution Digital Background


• One time custom design hologram origination charge
• All cold foils and custom design hologram is the property of the end-user
• Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the cold foil is 4 rolls 24” X 5,000’
• Customer is not required to accept the MOQ in one shipment, scheduled shipment for lower quantities can be arrange but the entire MOQ must be consumed within 1 year
• Blanket order is required to maintain stock of custom design holograms
• Click here to download our Origination Procedure

  • Foil 01

    Sample Custom Foil

  • Foil 02

    Sample Custom Foil

  • Foil 03

    Sample Custom Foil

  • Foil 04

    Sample Custom Foil